Graphene square was founded upon the university-industry cooperation with Graphene Research Lab (Prof. Byung Hee Hong) at Seoul National University. Our company aspires to provide the best quality products and services based on leading scientific knowledge and excellent laboratory practice.
Graphene, the single layer carbon based material, is transparent, flexible, and has excellent electronic properties. It may soon replace ITO (indium tin oxide) in LCD, PDP, OLED displays such as flatbed and touchscreens, as well as atypical Si thin film solar cells, dye-sensitive solar cells, transparent electrodes, and IR shielding.
As it is called “the dream material,” graphene holds innumerable application potential. It is a material that still requires consistent research and at the same time it is a material that may hold the key to future electronics revolution with unlimited industrial value.
Being the leading hand in the graphene frontier, Graphene SQ. Inc. started commercial production of graphene based on CVD growth method. As a company that has just taken its first step, we look forward to advancing one step at a time.