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News at Graphene Square WRITTEN BY Graphene Square 2017-04-19

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Graphene on Thermal Release Tape(Dry transfer for polymer substrate)

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Monolayer graphene
Adhesive layer
PET film



CVD graphene on Cu foil monolayer graphene attached to thermal release tape. The graphene can be transferred to a polymer substrate simply by a roll lamination process.


Graphene Specification

Product Size Up to 500X600 mm2
Film Morphology Continuous Monolayer(>95%)
Sheet Resistance Av. < 250~400Ω/sq
Mobility >3500cm2/Vs
Transmittance >97%
Substrate Thermal Release Tape
Domain Size 3-12㎛


Film Properties

Items Unit Values Remarks
Thickness Adhesive 45 Micrometer
PET 100 Micrometer
Peel Strength
on PET
Before Heating g/25㎜ 850 Peeling Angle: 180º
Speed: 300㎜/min
After Heating g/25㎜ 0
Thermal release time
(at 105℃, Convection Oven)
M:S 3:00 Minute:second
Color - Milky  

Technical data provided are for references purposes only and should not be construed as guideline for any specific purposes.


How to Use

  • Prepare a roll laminator (or coater) capable of speed control and temperature setting.
  • The target substrate and Graphene on TRT are superimposed as shown in the figure and laminated at room temperature.
  • After raising the temperature to 100 ~ 110 ° C, laminate [TRT / Graphene / substrate] until TRT loses adhesion (repeat 2-3 times).



We have taken special care to minimize damage on the research surface of graphene. Our graphene film sample packaging is unique such that oxidation affect is minimized and the graphene surface does not come in contact with the inner package surface. As a result, our graphene samples are not damaged nor scratched during the shipping process. We suggest use of tweezers to handle graphene.


Package Process



  • If the thermal release tape (TRT) is forcibly detached before it loses its adhesion, the graphene may be damaged and not be transferred.
  • Adhesive layer may remain as some polymer residue.
  • Depending on the substrate, the transfer coverage may vary. (Roughness is important, recommend PET like polymer)
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h-BN on SiO2 / Si wafer

MoS2 on SiO2 / Si wafer

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