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R&D Market Business

Based upon its firm brand image and prominent synthesis and related techniques, Graphene Square has been developing and building its position in the R&D market. The goal is to continue the systematic growth, network and collaboration with fellow research groups within the graphene and 2D material industry.
Graphene Samples & Fab. Services With the world's first large-scale graphene synthesis by CVD method along with key transfer and customizing techniques developed over the years, Graphene Square is able to provide the most optimized R&D graphene samples to its customers.

Using state-of-the-art chemical vapor deposition (CVD) methods developed in-house, Graphene Square offers the highest quality graphene samples currently on the market.In addition to the standard samples available online, Graphene Square can provide various fab. services including the graphene transfer services on the customers’ own substrates. Graphene Square also supplies graphene oxides (GOs) and graphene quantum dots (GQDs) for various biological, display, and energy researches.

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CVD Systems for Graphene & 2D Materials GSQ support customer’s academic success with equipment optimized to graphene/2D materials, with Prof. Hong’s advisory on optimal condition setting, who is the frontier of large scale synthesis technology, and with the best training program.

For researchers who want to synthesize their own graphene or 2D materials, GSQ markets thermal CVD systems that allow the users to easily begin synthesizing their own high-quality material samples for R&D use in a lab environment. The CVD systems of Graphene Square includes the reference of Prof. Byung Hee Hong who reported the synthesis of large-area graphene by CVD for the first time in 2009. His continuous efforts toward the industrial synthesis of high-quality graphene enabled the development of most-reliable and cost-effective synthesis systems not only for graphene but also for other 2D materials such as h-BN, MoS2, WSe2, and so forth.Graphene Square also provides the world’s best training service to researchers, including the latest synthesis, transfer, and patterning processes needed for the fabrication of the best-quality devices.

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IP Licensing & Consulting Graphene Square provides general consulting services and also licenses technology from its extensive patent portfolio. Areas covered include graphene synthesis & doping, other mass production techniques, and future applications.

Commercial Market Business

Based on its powerful human resources, and leading technical capability in terms of commercialization, GSQ is currently developing mass production system of ultra-large scale graphene, and is cultivating numerous graphene application in preparation for forthcoming commercial market of graphene.
Business Development Division #1: Mass Production System Development

Just as continuous newspaper printing process, R2R enables continuous synthesis/etching/transfer processing system of ultra-large scale graphene, which makes productivity to be maximize.

    Related IP(registered)
  • Roll-to-roll doping method of graphene film and doped graphene film (10-1234180, US 8926854 B2)
  • Graphene roll-to-roll transfer method, graphene roll-to-roll transfer apparatus, and graphene roll (10-1262327, US 8916057 B2, CN 102656016 B, JP 5707628 B2, JP 5787113 B2)
  • Graphene roll-to-roll coating apparatus and graphene roll-to-roll coating method using the same (10-1371286, JP 5424210 B2)
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Business Development Division #2: Mass Production System Development Currently GSQ is directing its focus on three main application areas, which are IT, Wearable, and Bio-medical, based upon its R&D and IP portfolio, and each will drive separate businesses based upon its characteristics
  • Bio

    Application field Bio-Sensing, Wound healing, Parkinson's Dise

    Related patents(registered) Graphene transparent electode and flexible silicon thin film semiconductor device having the same (10-1375124)

  • IT

    Application field 3D touch sensor, Field effect transistor (FET), etc.

    Related patents(registered) Touch sensor sensing position and pressure using graphene (10-14593070, 10-1459307, US 9297831 B2) Sensing method of pressure using graphene device and graphene device used therein (10-1234181)

  • Wear-able

    Application field EMI protection lens, transparent/flexible Heater, etc.

    Related patents(registered) Flexible transparent heating element using graphene and method for manufacturing the same (10-1222639, US 8816257 B2) Electromagnetic wave shielding method using graphene and electromagnetic wave shielding material using graphene (10-1171818) Variable focus lens, and preparing method of the same (10-1454270)

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