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News at Graphene Square WRITTEN BY Graphene Square 2015-05-07

Display Specialist Wan Soo Kim, PhD, joins Graphene Square Inc.

Graphene Square Inc. was chosen in 2015, as one of the companies to receive support in acquiring top specialists from the Korean Institute of Machinery Material Science Division. As a result, Graphene Square was joined by Materials Research scientist, Wan Soo Kim, PhD, based upon its continued direction towards commercialization of Graphene synthesis.

Materials Research Institute is an organization which continually develops research technology; performs test and evaluation; provides support in Materials Science.

Doctor Wan Soo Kim started by majoring in Physics at Kyoro College followed by earning his PhD from Sogang University in 2000 in the field of studying displays. He expanded his studies in displays by working for LG Display Division while continuing his research at Dong-A University, as a research professor and chief scientist for a period of fifteen years. As a result, he was recognized as one of the top specialists, during the recent years of whirlwind development of the Curved Displays category.

Curved LCD (2011~2014) developed by Wan Soo Kim, PhD.

Wan Soo Kim, PhD.: Chief Scientist in Materials Research Institute & Graphene Square Inc. ( Formerly employed: LG Electronics Display Division/Dong-A University Research Professor )

In order to further develop commercialization of Graphene, he is initially focusing his work in further developing Graphene technology in Synthesis, Transfer and Applications while stating is aspirations as follows.

"The market and technology must move together in the Flexible Display business. Currently, Curved TV and Smart Phones have taken their position in the market. The next four phases are expected to be followed by technological developments and applications in the following four applications: Bendable, Rollable, Foldable, Stretchable. The next thing that needs to happen in order to overcome the current limits of display technology, is the innovation in materials. As such, Graphene is anticipated to lead in the materials innovation with its high flexibility, electrical conductivity, transparency which has led it to be called as the 'Next Wonder Material.' From such a perspective, in order to increase the commercialization of Graphene, we need to start with and development of the applications in flexible transparent electrodes, flexible heating, flexible electromagnetic shielding material while meeting the needs and increasing the demands of end users.

Graphene Square, since inception, stands alone as a highly innovative company having developed core technologies and secured critical patents which has allowed it to steadily grow in revenue as well as being known for its smart operations. Graphene Square Inc.'s Founder/Professor Byung Hee Hong [Seoul National University-Chemistry Department] is not only known as the scholar who developed Graphene's key technologies but also for being a pioneer in large scale Graphene synthesis/production capabilities. As such, he is known and recognized throughout the world for his tireless contributions in the Graphene industry. There are high hopes and anticipation that Graphene will be quickly commercialized and open a new era in Material Science through Graphene Square Inc.

For this, I am committed in continuing my work and research [as a team], based upon my past work and experience in displays towards contributing in commercializing of transparent flexible material"

Graphene Square Inc. has high hopes that, Wan Soo Kim, PhD, will overcome the current limits of Display Devices by combining his background and the new innovations of Graphene.