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News at Graphene Square WRITTEN BY Graphene Square 2016-06-20

Graphene Square Homepage Revamped


Hello to our customers!

We give you heartfelt thanks for your attention and support to Graphene Square.

Graphene Square’s homepage has been completely redone.

The rework, which focuses on expanding what was limited information on the old website and delivering more data and content, has aimed to help you figure out a way to access our website more conveniently. For this purpose, a number of features that were unavailable from the old homepage have been added to provide you with upgraded services. With diverse-ranging functions and more detailed information, we promise to deliver a lot of benefits and help and thereby provide the most convenient and accurate services for graphene researchers. We look forward to your continued attention and support to our new homepage.


1. Our newsroom will deliver latest news on graphene.


2. Overview gives you a summary view of all equipment available from Graphene Square.

System Overview

You can check the features and specifications of CVD equipment of Graphene Square and sample the system operation in a video.



You can compare in a single view the dimensions and specifications of all our equipment. 


3. With 360˚ VR available now, you can have a detailed and realistic preview of our products. 

4. Convenient payment is ensured through Paypal for overseas users and Daou Pay for those at home. 


5. All these functions can be used conveniently on mobile as well.