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News at Graphene Square WRITTEN BY Graphene Square 2016-08-12

Graphene Square Selected for Nano-Material Technology Development Project

 Graphene Square was selected to participate in the “Second Nano-Material Technology Development Project” hosted by the National Research Foundation of Korea. The project is on developing high-functionality graphene oxide and fabric material, and is jointly conducted by Graphene Square, Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Seoul National University, Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology, Chonbuk National University, Kyonggi University, Donga University, and Puritech. The funding for this project will amount to KRW7.5 billion to 2021.

The goal of this project is to establish high-performance/multi-functionality graphene fabric technology based on graphene oxide liquid crystals (GO-LC) in order to develop advanced materials in the form of fabric, and ultimately create textiles from graphene materials that can be used to manufacture customized wearable products that can aid human activity.


Fig 1. Utilities of the research and development project


 Graphene Square has the technology in which graphene synthesized from carbon gas using chemical vapor deposition method is manufactured, and then graphene is extracted through liquid solution product to manufacture graphene fabric. This graphene fabric has outstanding electrical conduction, and generates relatively less heat than other conductors when using the same amount of electrical current. Using the characteristics of graphene fabric, it is possible to use the material to not only protect against heat, deliver electrical energy, provide shelter from electromagnetic waves, but also manufacture various sensors in textile form. In particular, GO-LC fabric that has an outstanding energy storage capability and multi-functioning graphene fabric are put in junction to have a hetero-structure, it is possible to develop super-capacity fabric that satisfies both high energy density and high power density.

 This research project is conducted by a group of best experts in Korea in the areas of graphene fabric threading facilities, threading, material control, applied elements, wearable element concentration, and weaving. Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology, Chonbuk National University, Kyonggi University has the GO-LC fabric production technology, while KETI, and Donga University has the technology to manufacture fabric sensors, and Puritech is able to manufacture textiles based on GO-LC fabric, all improving the expertise of graphene fabric research. In addition, Seoul National University’s department of clothing science participated in the project to design wearable suit, enabling the project to apply the results of the research to clothing. Graphene Square participates in the project to enhance and expand the commercialization achievement of GO-LC fabric and multi-functional graphene fabric manufacturing, and is expected to play the role of technology distributor of GO-LC fabric.


Fig 2. Patented graphene fabric manufacturing technique (left) and the electromagnetic shielding performance (right) (Graphene Fiber, Its Manufacturing Methods, and Its Uses: Patent No. 10-1235291, Methods of Shielding Electromagnetic Waves Using Graphene and Electromagnetic-Shielding Materials.