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Graphene News WRITTEN BY Graphene Square 2016-10-28

What is Graphene Quantum Dot ?

 Quantum Dot is metal or semiconductor form of nanometer(nm) size that illuminates light autonomously when current flows. Simply put, it is a method that creates various colors by creating different light wavelengths.
 Recently, Quantum Dot is being mentioned as the next generation material in the TV market due to its lower price and longer life compared to OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diode), which has its basis on organic materials. Different light wavelengths are generated according to the size of particles without the change in matter, and thus diverse colors can be created which leads to the advantages of higher color purity, light stability than the existing luminous body. Since the color display is 10% higher than OLED, it is safe to say that it complements the shortcomings of LCD.


 However, Quantum Dot not only uses heavy metal materials that can be harmful to the human body and environment, such as lead and cadmium, but is also vulnerable to oxygen and water, so there are limitations at large. Therefore, interest in safe and stable Quantum Dot has rapidly arisen.


[Figure 1. Graphene Quantum Dot luminescence under UV light ]


 Graphene Quantum Dot(GQD) is Graphene particle of several nanometer(nm) size, which not only uses low-priced and safe materials but is also suitable to the body and stable. Hence, it is getting the attention as an alternative matter, complementing the shortcomings of the existing Quantum Dots.


[Figure 2. GQD OPV] (J. K. Kim*, M. J. Park* et al., ACS Nano 7, 7207-7212 (2013)) 

 The synthesis method of Graphene Quantum Dot is largely categorized into top-down method and bottom-up method. The top-down method uses Carbon Quantum Dots which are drawn out after the carbon mass, such as graphite, is broken down into small pieces physically and chemically. In contrast, bottom-up method creates Carbon Quantum Dots by heating carbohydrate, such as glucose and organic acid, and therefore creating carbonization reaction.

[Figure 3. Mimetic diagram of chemical peel method that synthesizes Graphene Quantum Dot] (J. Peng et al., Nano letters., 12 (2), 844-849(2012))

 Recently, Graphene Square Inc. has started selling Graphene Quantum Dot produced through chemical peel method which is a type of top-down method. Moreover, the Graphene lab( of Seoul National University, under industry-academia cooperation, has incorporated Graphene Quantum Dot with Bio sector and actively conducting research and the development of the situation is being watched with keen interest.


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