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TCVD-100A 1750(W) X 1585(H) X 750(D)
  • 1750(W) X 1585(H) X 750(D)
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Thermal Chemical
Vapor Deposition
The main Thermal CVD technology involves adding gases to the pressurized reactor at high temperature of about 1,000℃ where thin film is synthesized onto substrates.
  • Size(mm): 1750(W) x 1585(H) x 750(D)
  • Advanced Semi-Auto System
  • Optimized for graphene, CNT growth
  • Water-cooled end chambers and doors
  • Process Temperature: ~1,100℃
  • Uniformity of Film Thickness: ≤+-3%
  • Testing Uniformity: ≤+-3%
  • Movable furnace method is our unique knowhow for fast heating
  • fast cooling of the sample
  • Standard safety box

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    Optimal Growth Features Our TCVD-100A is most optimized for Graphene and CNT growth. Its technology is well recognized among many universities and research firms.
    Most Popular Graphene Square’s best seller. Sold the most by volume to universities and R&D firms
    Optional Automatic
    Furnace Moving System
    The Furnace is designed to move back and forth on dual rail system. In addition, precision sensors allow automatic movement on level position. This system allows fast-heating and fast-cooling.
    Safety Cabinet, Emergency Shut-off system The safety cabinet is a total enclosure for the system with an emergency shut-off button. It can protect the user(s) in dangerous situations.
    Able to Produce
    High Quality Graphene
    and Other 2D Materials
    Able to support growth of high quality graphene as well as other 2D materials with safety features.
    • Specifications
        1. Thermal CVD Semi-auto Operation system

        2. End chambers (stainless steel) - water cooled system

        3. Gas control unit ( Mass flow controller) - 3channel standard + 1 spare

        4. 340liter/min Oil rotary pump

        5. Pneumatic On/off valve with Down stream Auto pressure control Throttle valve with controller

        6. Programmable Temperature controller

        7. High Temperature Furnace(Max1200℃)

        8. Rapid Cooling system by furnace moving

        9. Atmospheric and Vacuum Processing

        10. Anti-contamination system by inner tube

        11. Vacuum gauge unit(Capacitance/Convectron)

        12. 1 year warranty

        13. On-site install and training

        14. Safety Cover (Connected exhaust system)

        15. Safety interlock system(Water / Air)

      • Options
        1. Max temp 1500℃ Furnace by SIC source

        2. Rapid thermal processing furnace by IR lamp source

        3. MF power induction heating process Max temp 1600℃

        4. MFC(Mass flow controller) addition total 12channel

        5. Dry vacuum pump ( Scroll / booster / industry)

        6. Gas Safety interlock system for gas leak

        7. RF plasma ( ICP type )

        8. Tungsten filament gas source cracking

        9. Additional Furnace for source evaporation

        10. High Vacuum processing option (Pump/Gauge/valve unit)

        11. Installation in Fume hood

        12. Source delivery system ( Bubbler / Gas / Solid )

        13. System Utility ( Chiller / scrubber / gas cabinet )

        14. System Program ( Auto processing system)

      • Consumable Parts
        1. K-type Thermocouple (Option : R-type)

        2. Furnace heating element (Furnace repair)

        3. Vacuum sensor

        4. Oil in Rotary Oil Pump

        5. O-ring

        6. Quartz tube

    • Facility Requirements
      Electrical power 220VAC 1ph 30A (35A for +1 furnace)
      Compressed air 0.5~0.6Mpa
      Compressed air input size 6 mm one touch fitting
      Cooling water in/out 3/8" lok fitting
      Cooling water pressure 0.1~0.2Mpa
      Safety exhaust size 6 mm one touch tube
      Gas input pressure 40psi
      Gas port 4ch standard (Option 2ch Extension)
      Gas port size 1/4"lok fitting
      Pump exhaust NW25
      Rotary pump capacity 340liter/min
      Vent 1/4"lok fitting
    • Layout

    Customer List

    • Micro Photonics Micro Photonics
    • Harvard University Harvard University
    • Oxford University Oxford University
    • NTNU Nano Lab NTNU Nano Lab
    • University of Texas University of Texas
    • CNR IMIP of Bari  University Lab CNR IMIP of Bari
      University Lab
    • Cambridge  University Lab Cambridge
      University Lab
    • Cambridge  University Lab Columbia
      University Lab
    • Standard Warranty

      Each system is delivered with a limited warranty that covers parts, excluding consumable and wearable parts such as quartz ware and O-rings, for one (1) year from the date of commissioning of the system. Any parts confirmed to be defective will be sent to customer for replacement during the warranty period. *Note: Any unauthorized modification of the system will result in the voiding of warranty.

    • Delivery Time & Shipping Policy

      The delivery time is estimated to be 8-12 weeks upon receipt of order. Graphene Square Inc. ships each system to the customer site by Incoterms CIP (Carriage & Insurance Paid) air freight direct from its factory in Korea.

    • Equipment Purchasing Process
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      • 4
        System Production Initiated with Down Payment

        Training program offered

      • 5
        Equipment Operation Test / Export packaging & shipment

        Upon completion of system production, factory operation test performed.

      • 6
        Express Air Shipment & Delivery

        Estimated delivery
        – 4 business days

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