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E-beam Evaporator E-beam Evaporator
  • E-beam Evaporator
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Key Features
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Rate & thickness control
  • Source & substrate shutters
  • Multi-source organic evaporation
  • Ergonomic to operate, easy to clean
  • Compatible with most standard deposition sources
  • Configured for your application

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    • Specifications
        Chamber Unit
      • Material : Stainness304 / Aluminum
      • Chamber size : 450x450x600
      • Front Open Door with Window(shutter)
      • ¼”VCR vent port
      • Pumping port/gauge/spare port
        Pumping Unit(Gauge)
      • Osaka turbo pump 1100l/s ISO200
      • inlet flange
      • 600l/m Rotary pump
      • Ion gauge/convection gauge
      • ATM sensor Option : Load-lock unit/Cryo pump
        Substrate Unit
      • Material : Inconel600(High temp)
      • Water cooling stage : OFHC
      • Max Sample size : 6inch
      • Option : Up/down / Heating Max temp 400C/Rotation by motor/Bias for Cleaning
        Control Unit
      • System Manual operation
      • Option : Semi-auto Operation system · 15inch Touch panel control · System reciepe · Interlock(Water/Pneumatic air) · Data loading
        E-beam evaporator Unit
      • E-beam Power supply 6kW with Sweep controller / Remote control unit
      • E-Gun Boat(1~6 multi pocket capacity : 4~7cc)
      • W, Mo source evaporation boat install
      • Max current 300A( Electrical rod - cooling)
      • Pneumatic shutter for source
        Consumable Parts
      • W-boat
      • thickness sensor
      • Vacuum sensor
      • Oil in Rotary Oil Pump
      • O-ring
      • Window
      • Heating module
      • Crucible
    • Facility Requirements
      Electrical power 220VAC 3ph 50A
      Compressed air 0.5~0.6Mpa
      Compressed air input size 6 mm one touch fitting
      Cooling water in/out 1/2" lok fitting (ø16)
      cooling water flow Air temp 10liter/min
      cooling water pressure 0.1~0.2Mpa
      Pump exhaust NW40
      Rotary pump capacity 550liter/min
      Dry pump exhaust Power thermal 2channel
      Dry pump capacity E-beam 4cc 4channel
    • Layout

    • Standard Warranty

      Each system is delivered with a limited warranty that covers parts, excluding consumable and wearable parts such as quartz ware and O-rings, for one (1) year from the date of commissioning of the system. Any parts confirmed to be defective will be sent to customer for replacement during the warranty period. *Note: Any unauthorized modification of the system will result in the voiding of warranty.

    • Delivery Time & Shipping Policy

      The delivery time is estimated to be 8-12 weeks upon receipt of order. Graphene Square Inc. ships each system to the customer site by Incoterms CIP (Carriage & Insurance Paid) air freight direct from its factory in Korea.

    • Equipment Purchasing Process
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        Invoice / Payment

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        System Production Initiated with Down Payment

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        Equipment Operation Test / Export packaging & shipment

        Upon completion of system production, factory operation test performed.

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        Express Air Shipment & Delivery

        Estimated delivery
        – 4 business days

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