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News at Graphene Square WRITTEN BY Graphene Square 2014.04.17

Perovskite solar cell applied graphene film

Global Frontier Center for Multiscale Energy Systems at the Seoul National University, with the presence of professor of mechanical engineering, Man-su Choi, is positioned to develop the original technology for future renewable energy systems. The researchers, Hyang-gi Seong and Nam-young Ahn, also released a paper, in December 2015, about high-efficient Perovskite Solar Cell by applying graphene transparent film instead of transparent conductive oxide currently represented by ITO or FTO, which was released as the cover article in the journal,Advanced Energy Materials.

<Figure1. The paper was released as cover paper of Advanced Energy Materials>

Perovskite is a material in the spotlight of a recent solar cell research that has the advantages of high absorbance, long excitation diffusion length and can process at low temperature. They applied graphene as transparent electrode in place of ITO due to its brittleness which has been used in conventional solar cells. Graphene is highly conductive, transparent as well as flexible, which many researchers are actively studying as a substitute for ITO.

<Figure 2. The structure of perovskite solar cell applied graphene>

The researcher, Hyang-gi Seoung, experimented on the change in the characteristics and efficiency of solar cell based upon the thickness of MoO3, using single layer graphene purchased at Graphene Square Inc. The optimal efficiency rates of the solar cell electrode resulted in graphene at 17.1% and ITO at 18.8%, respectively with the thickness effect of MoO3. Despite the significantly lower conductivity of graphene than that of ITO, graphene can get close to the efficiency of ITO due to its high transparency and surface improvement process. Based upon such studies, the potential for the future flexible solar cell has been confirmed and it can be used as transparent electrode material.

Graphene Square provides graphene transfer service onto customer substrates, as well as, sales of graphene samples. The transfer process requires high levels of technical skills in the applications of graphene onto various material such as transparent electrodes, bio-medical material, energy storage devices, etc…

Graphene Square Inc. was established as a spin-off company from the graphene research laboratory of Prof. Byung-hee Hong at the Seoul National University while providing technical support and collaboration to researchers.

The researcher, Hyang-gi Seoung, said that such capabilities are distinguishing points of Graphene Square and expressed great appreciation in enabling her research.

“The level of kind response and continued technical support were great help to the study. Thank you. “

She expressed her intention to continue follow up research in applying graphene to solar cells.

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Sung, Hyangki, et al. "Transparent Conductive Oxide‐Free Graphene‐Based Perovskite Solar Cells with over 17% Efficiency." Advanced Energy Materials (2015).